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Effortless Grocery Shopping

The YANObag backpack is developed for self-scanning or tap-and-go shopping. You always have both hands free and can sort all goods by weight.


This means there will never again be squashed fruit, crisps or yoghurts. Without constant and tedious rearranging, you can bring the food directly from the shelf to the kitchen.

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Easy to Carry

You carry the YANObag as a messenger bad during grocery shopping and open it on the side.

When you are done shopping, you store the shoulder strap away and wear the YANObag as a backpack.


Item Sorting

The main compartment of the YANObag is divided. This way you can sort the goods directly by weight and make sure that the light and delicate things are on top and will not be crushed.


Hands Free

You have your hands free all the time during shopping and on the way home.

That way you can easily scan the items and store them in the right compartment.

The YANObag is the ideal companion for small purchases. It is very comfortable on foot or by bicycle.


About Us

Behind the YANObag is the family start-up Fasimik GmbH from Buchs in the canton of Aargau in Switzerland. The company Fasimik GmbH was founded in 2020 despite the corona crisis. The name is made up of our first names: Fabienne, our son Silas and Michael.


Self-scanning installations are now very common in supermarkets and we are regularly using them. But we realised that the provided baskets and trolleys have not been adapted for self-scanning yet. The shopping with our little one inspired us to look for a better solution.


After various approaches and sewing trials, the YANObag has prevailed. We are still surprised that such a simple principle with so many advantages was not developed long before. For this reason, we were able to apply for a patent.


During test purchases we then noticed that the advantages of the YANObag also prevail no matter if you use a portable scanner, scan at the self-checkout stations, or pay at the counter.


Would you like to stay in touch with us? We look forward to hearing from you!

Fasimik GmbH

Müliweg 6

CH-5033 Buchs

+41 62 824 14 04

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