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The Convenient Backpack for Efficient Shopping by Self-Scanning

The YANObag is your perfect companion when you go shopping. You always have both hands free and can sort your purchases directly so that they don't get broken. And if you do self-scanning, you'll never have to stand in line at the checkout again and you'll only touch your groceries twice: When you scan them at the supermarket and when you take care of them at home.

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Never Queue in Line Again

If you use self-scanning when shopping, you'll never have to stand in line at the checkout again.

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Sort Purchases Immediately

Sort the products immediately after scanning into the appropriate compartments, so that the heavy things are at the bottom afterwards

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No Rearranging in the Pocket

You only pick up all products twice - when you take them off the shelf and when you store them at home.


Always Hands Free

You have both hands free when shopping with the YANObag and can scan the products easily

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Flexible Subdivisions

If something does not fit in the compartment, you can easily remove the partition wall and enlarge the compartment

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Convenient and Safe Transport

Whether on foot, by bike or public transport, you carry all your shopping home comfortably in your backpack.

Efficient and Convenient Shopping

Product Details


Robust Material

The YANObag is made of sturdy and water-repellent rip-stop material. Thus, small damages also remain small and the Yanobag remains your companion for many years.

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Open all Around

The YANObag can be opened all around. So you have easy access to your purchases.


Carry as Side Bag

On the left side is the carrying strap, with which you can carry the YANObag as a bag while shopping.


Pocket for Handheld Scanner

A practical scanner pocket also allows you to easily store your cell phone or hand scanner when you want to have both hands free.


Comfortable to Wear

Back padding and carrying straps are ergonomically shaped and allow air circulation. They can be adjusted to any body size for optimal comfort.


Compartment for Valuables

The upper compartment can store cell phone, valuables and masks.


Practical Key Ring

On the right side is a convenient key ring in the compartment.

Other Uses



Simply sort the cans and bottles in the compartments before shopping and dispose of them at the entrance to the supermarket.



It's all there and you don't risk chips or tomatoes getting crushed by the beer cans.



Quite simply store the shoes and clean laundry separately, and then sort the wet things in their own compartment.



Diapers, clothes and toys neatly sorted so you can find them right away when you're in a hurry.

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