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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the Yanobag so unique?

The Yanobag is the only shopping bag that allows you to transport your groceries undamaged and directly from the shelf to the refrigerator. The advantages are:


  • when shopping you carry the Yanobag as a side bag and thus have your hands free.

  • the products can be sorted into different compartments, so that e.g. the delicate berries are on top and the heavy milk carton is on the bottom.

  • the inner compartments can be enlarged if there is not enough room.

  • when shopping by self-scanning, products are only touched twice - at the supermarket real and at home when unpacking them.

  • Finally, no more queuing at the checkout. Just pay, turn the Yanobag into a backpack and carry it home in comfort.


Is it just a shopping bag?

No, the Yanobag is also a robust and versatile backpack that you can use for many activities. The divisions allow you to keep your things always neatly sorted and still have access to it at any time without having to rummage through the whole backpack. Barbecue, sports or a trip with the baby are just a few examples of what you can use the Yanobag for outside the supermarket.

What are the functions of the Yanobag?

You can find the functions here.

Is the Yanobag available yet?

We are currently working on the final touches and expect the Yanobag to be in your home in the fall of 2022. You can pre-order it on our website.

How much does the Yanobag cost?

We have deliberately paid attention to quality in the Yanobag, so you can use it for many years and it is comfortable to wear. The materials and workmanship correspond to a durable outdoor backpack. We can offer you the Yanobag for CHF 195.- incl. VAT.

Will all my groceries fit?

The volume of the Yanobag is about the same as a typical shopping basket, which you can borrow at the entrance of many supermarkets. That's about 1 to 2 paper bags. If you regularly make larger purchases, keep following us on our social media channels. We will have solutions for you soon!

Why should I do self-scanning?

When shopping, queues often form at the normal cash registers because all products purchased have to be unpacked again and placed on the belt. With self-scanning, you capture the products yourself directly on the shelf. All you have to do is pay at the cash register and then leave. This saves you a lot of time (and nerves), especially when many people are shopping at the same time.

I don't carry a backpack. Are there any alternatives?

Of course there is! Follow us further, we still have some ideas about this, which we will soon realize.

Are there other models and colors?

Currently, there is only one model. But we have already prepared a few more colors, which we will present either directly during the Kickstarter campaign or in the course of the next year.
We can also offer you the Yanobag in your desired color, but only with a minimum quantity of 300 pieces.

Can I get the YANObag outside of Switzerland?

Our current webshop is made for Switzerland only, but we will soon extend it.

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