Yanobag S blue

The Yanobag on sale in advance

Would you like the Yanobag as soon as possible? Then support us by pre-ordering it now. We offer advance sales on our website and are currently working on a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. This is expected to go online in June 2021. There are even better conditions for the early birds!

The planned delivery date for your Yanobag is October 2021.


The perfect backpack for self-scanning shopping!

No more queuing at the cash registers! Simply register the products with self-scanning when shopping and immediately sort them into the Yanobag. So the heavy things are always downstairs and you don't waste time rearranging.




Yanobag S blue

VAT Included
  • 100% polyester. Outside very sturdy rip-stop material, which even with minor damage can not tear further.

    The inside is made of an easy to clean material.

    The Velcro closures are extremely powerful, so that even heavy purchases remain sorted in the compartments.